Welcome to the American English Institute's Tutoring Services

The American English Institute provides English language training for international students and professionals whose goals require university-level English proficiency.  The AEI is under the College of Arts and Sciences and the Department of Linguistics.
Through AEI Tutoring Services, students can interact with their UO peers in three ways. First, students may have sessions with an AEI Conversation Partner twice a week.  Students and conversation partners decide when and where to meet and what to do. Second, AEI Oral Skills Class Tutors come once a week to each Oral Skills class and participate with students  in instructor-directed activities.  Third, for an additional fee each term students are able to obtain a self-supported tutor to help them with their studies.

The primary goal of the AEI Tutoring Services is to augment students' English language study with  authentic, conversational English and social experiences with their UO peers.  Weekly interaction with native English speakers helps students in several ways:

  • Students build their confidence to talk with native speakers.
  • Students strengthen the listening skills necessary for efficient reading in English, a phonemic language.
  • Students get practice attuning their ears to the spoken patterns of connected speech, which are not apparent in written text.
  • Oral reinforcement of new vocabulary helps put new vocabulary into long-term memory.
  • Social interaction with their UO peers exposes students to daily American social patterns and personal boundaries, which may conflict with their own cultural patterns. Understanding and abiding by the differences in social expectation and behavioral boundaries will ease communication and help build lasting friendships. Some examples include:
  • Understanding the boundaries between a personal friendship and a professional relationship
  • Understanding appropriate and inappropriate subjects depending on the type of relationship
  • Expectations around gift-giving and favors
  • Understanding how the American values of self-reliance and independence are reflected in our expectations of each other
  • Appropriate boundaries between the sexes

In addition to providing authentic conversational and social experiences, conversation partners also support students who want extra help with homework, presentations, vocabulary, and pronunciation.